More about Samara

More About Samara

Samara is a fine art photographer, this coupled with the family connection to Holodomor, she hopes to bring attention to this historical act of genocide through her art.


During her work on this subject, Samara has been fortunate to help to such people as Anne Applebaum, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Andrew Tkach, Bohdan Klid and many more artists and researchers of Holodomor.


Samara has also exhibited her art in London and won a Creative Conscience Award, for work that helps change the world.

In search for truth in the sea of dishonesty


Samara Pearce

What is Holodomor?


Loosly translates to 'death by starvation.'

Between 1932 to 1934 Stalin committed the most heinous of crimes by starving the Ukrainian people to death, while working them like dogs in the collective farms for grain export. It is argued that this was a wide spread USSR issue and partially a natural disaster but this is not the belief of many scholars outside of Russia today.